Tallahassee Neighborhoods & Communities

Tallahassee neighborhoods communities are the best in Northern Florida. Families, students, and workers flock to the area. Whether it’s to raise their family, begin a new career or knock out the rest of their bachelors or masters degree. The Tallahassee community makes up the heart of Leon County.

Tallahassee is a city of professionals and creatives such as artists, musicians office workers, lawyers, real estate agents, and other service providers. We have a large population of technology savvy entrepreneurs beginning businesses and startups.

Our city has a happy medium of big city living while being able to enjoy the luxuries of fine dining, music, art, and sporting events such as FSU & FAMU football. You are likely to run into college students all around the area.

Below we will break down the communities within the city limits. Learn and educate yourself before moving or buying a property in a certain area. We will be adding to to our list every month. Get out and explore our neighborhoods and communities.