Selling Your Home in Tallahassee During the Holidays? Considering Decorating it Right!

Selling your home in Tallahassee during the holidays means you might need a crash course on how to decorate your home for the holiday season without turning off buyers.

Think Cheerful & Inviting When Guests Are Over

Unless you’re a complete Scrooge, it’s hard to argue with glitter lights, large tree, and colorful statues of old Saint Nick. These all make the home look more cheerful and inviting when guests are over. But you also probably know that if you’re trying to sell your home, buyers need to have an easy time imagining themselves in your home. Their seasonal traditions are not like yours so we may need to take them down a notch.

saint nick beard christmas tips to sell your house

You don’t need to ditch the decorations altogether. Nevertheless, you should not go crazy hanging wreaths, holly, and Christmas lights. Every holiday card you receive from your family should not be the focal point, either. So how do you let the holiday spirit flow without turning off a potential buyer? We have some tips for you! Grab your favorite holiday drink and cozy up with your favorite blanket to read our real estate guide on selling your home in Tallahassee!

1. Depersonalize the Decorations

It is important the look of your rooms appeals to as many different real estate buyers as possible! Everyone has a different taste or opinion and during the holidays, it can be even more direct. The seller’s personal life shouldn’t be prominently highlighted throughout the residence. Less is more when it comes to decorations while selling your home in Tallahassee.

selling a house get rid of christmas cards
That means avoiding the personal decorations that appeal to you and your family:

• “Best Football Mom” ornament you received at football camp
• 10 Christmas stockings of everyone that comes over during Christmas morning
• Religious nativity scenes
• A ton of holiday cards, try to limit to no more than 3
• Photos of your baby’s first Christmas

2. Consider the Neighborhood While Selling Your Home in Tallahassee

If all of your neighbors get in the nature of the holidays, you don’t want to look like a Grinch. If your neighborhood is going all out with holiday lights and nativity scenes, then, by all means, add to it a little. Then when people look at the lights, it is also free real estate marketing. Check out these neighborhoods for inspiration: Killearn, Dorothy B. Oven Park, and Chain of Parks – Park Avenue.

killarney way park in tallahassee

If your local neighborhood is festive, then a buyer would expect Christmas decorations at your home. Selling your home in Tallahassee is not a science. Under other conditions, if you live in a conservative community with a mix of religious and spiritual beliefs, add a little. Use decorations in a way to promote season’s greetings rather than your specific holiday.

tallahassee condo for sale3. In the Event that you Must Add some Holiday Decorations.

Here is How:

• Keep it classic and basic: Hang up a stylish custom wreath on the front door, rather than a “Santa is coming to town!” Keep it stylish but do not go overboard. Think classic and elegant.

• Celebrate the holidays with color: Some can agree religious symbols are iffy, nevertheless, you don’t have to forsake them altogether. If you celebrate Hanukkah, hang a wreath with tones of blue. For Christmas, your wreath can be created with evergreen boughs and pine cones. For Kwanzaa, add red bows on a green wreath.

• Don’t Overdo Lights: Simple white or blue lighting can add a holiday cheer without blinding buyers during showings. Also, turning off the blinking or pulsing will keep it classic without looking like a disco club.

selling your house during the holidays

• Protect Presents: Don’t stack presents under a tree or put them on display. The last thing you want this holiday is for a stranger knock them over. Get them out of the way of guests.

• Choose Scents Over Scenes: The smell of simmering wintergreen essential oil or baked cookies will delight the senses. These can be better than garlands strung all over the house. Furthermore, providing fresh baked cookies to the guests will wow them during a long day of looking at houses in Tallahassee.

• Light the Fireplace: A roaring fire during a cool weekday shows a cozy way to celebrate the winter and warm guests as well. Who doesn’t like the smell of a crackling fire? This also highlights a feature that not many Florida homes have.

light the fireplace during the holidays open house

• Box Up the Greeting Cards: We cannot speak enough on cards! We see them everywhere when others are selling homes in Tallahassee. Thirty holiday cards on a dining room table make the room look messy. Put them in a drawer during a Realtor walk through.

• Increase Highlights of Guest Bathrooms: Place peppermint-scented soaps or Cedar candles in the bathrooms along with a few tasteful, holiday-themed towels. They show off the highlights of the bathroom and add some spirit and interest.

Selling Real Estate During the Holidays is a Great Idea

Lastly, homeowners may believe the market to slow during the holidays but remember that a lot of folks have a considerable amount of time off work. They have the extra time to look around town for properties. Also, many sellers don’t want to be bothered by showings during the holidays. This means less competition of similar homes available for the motivated buyers. In our opinion, it is the perfect time for buyers and sellers in the housing market.

During this festive time, selling your home in Tallahassee is easy with our tips! You will have fewer house hunters, but more motivated buyers. Give Eldridge Home Team a call (850) 792-4464 if you have any questions. Contact us below and we can discuss selling your house over some hot chocolate.

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