Why We Need A Local Real Estate Attorney

What do you do when you’re working with a local real estate agent and you have a legal question on some paperwork that may require specialized knowledge? It should be obvious, but local real estate attorney is a crucial piece of the puzzle. They help our team in reviewing property documents, overseeing transactions and resolving disputes. These matters can create bigger issues in the future if not handled properly. Having counsel on your team is an upfront investment towards your piece of mind.  It could wind up saving you time, money and unnecessary headaches years down the road. Contact any of our Tallahassee Realtors to get a great reference to a legal professional. We are here to advise and help you no matter the questions or concerns you may have without obligation.


Let’s take a deeper look to why we have a real estate attorney on your team:

For Sale by Owner:

If you decide to sell your Tallahassee home “For Sale By Owner” please sit down with a real estate lawyer or speak with a Realtor. Regulations are constantly being updated and have become more stringent. The paperwork involved in any transaction can be difficult to understand. This paperwork can include an agreement to purchase, homeowners’ associations, disclosures, community agreements, and warranties. Typically this process is straightforward. It should not need the involvement of any lawyer and can be handled by our team. However, in cases where there is a disagreement verbally in regards to the written contract, a lawyer may need to be hired for each party. No one wants to deal with these problems or risk a transaction falling through. These are the times when an attorney would help with a positive outcome. Let’s talk about your options.

Problems & Issues Can Come Up After The Sale:

realtor attorney housing market attorney team memberImagine a situation where, if after buying a property, you are facing problems like water leakage, foundation problems, mold contamination, electrical damages, etc. Most small problems will have an immediate solution. However, major problems like foundation damage may cause safety issues for you and your family. In these situations, an attorney can help you with a positive judgment in court. If the problems you are facing are major, perhaps the seller did not disclose it at the time of selling the property. You may have the right to file a case against them. Depending on the severity of the damages, the court could order the seller to provide for monetary relief. Dealing with such problems will take time and resources. It is important to receive proper legal guidance in such dilemmas. If you need our advice, message us any time or day.

Divorce & Splitting Up The Property:

While you are undergoing a divorce you must involve a great Realtor and attorney team to assist in issues. We all dislike having to deal with something so important during a stressful time. You both jointly own a house and this may cause a serious problem with the sale of the property. What happens if you both want the house? What happens if you owe thousands of dollars on the property? This is the time when we can guide you with all sorts of information such as current laws and regulations. Furthermore, they will act as a mediator for each party. Not to mention they will do their best to keep your future in mind with a positive outcome.

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Commercial Transactions:

If you are planning to buy a commercial space, hire a lawyer and a commercial agent. In today’s world, you cannot afford to forgo the protection for a commercial property transaction. While a Realtor will help you with the details of the purchase, the lawyer will ensure that you have protection. This protection extends well beyond the closing date. Equally important is that they will have an understanding of realty laws that each party must abide by. In the case that the property needs to be purchased in a hurry, it is smart to have an attorney on standby for last minute consulting. The attorney will be able to review documents quickly and advise accordingly.

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Final Thought On Hiring A Local Real Estate Attorney

Lastly, know your legal rights concerning law. Selling or buying a house yourself is a big deal! Doing a little research never hurt, but when a question arises hiring a knowledgeable team is more important than ever. Real estate professionals can offer more than marketing your house. We can offer a safety net of an experienced and trusted multifaceted team. Homeowners sometimes believe that they will save money selling it on their own. This is not necessarily a fact. Furthermore, we recommend hiring a Tallahassee Realtor to list the property and having a real estate attorney look everything over. Please check out our local directory of businesses the Eldridge Home Team recommends around town.

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  1. I didn’t know that you could hire a real estate attorney to help you deal with your divorce and getting a new home. My husband and I are in the middle of a divorce and I think I need to hire a real estate attorney to help me get the right house. I’ll have to do some research and find the best real estate attorney in my area.

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