10 Tips: Make Your Home Ready When Selling In Tallahassee, FL – Part 1 of 2


Tallahassee home for sale? Selling your place presents an amazing opportunity to clean and declutter. Furthermore, we all want to make a return on this large investment. When we intend to sell, we need to keep in mind we must make your place ready to move in as soon as possible. This will add a little work and items to a to-do list but it is the most important.

The question that always comes up is, “What if we can’t sell the house?”. First and foremost you must think like a buyer! The less they need to change the easier they will put a bid on your perfect Tallahassee house. The best Tallahassee real estate listings on the MLS system always make the home move-in ready!

Here are 10 ways you can make your house move-in ready for a quick sale.

#1 Pick A Good Month To List The Property

There are ups and downs and hot and cold months in the real estate market, and you will need to do research and be observant. In order to pick the right time to list your house for sale speak to a local Realtor to see a market report. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. After taking everything into account, pick a good date which people are ready to make the move to a Tallahassee community. We have so much to offer the community, who wouldn’t want to live here! Tallahassee homes for sale tend to go quickly when the weather is warm and FSU football is not on.

remove clutter make your home ready real estate

#2 Declutter All Of The Items You Don’t Use.

It is time to work on the interior of the house to get it looking in tip-top condition. First, declutter! Box up those things aka knick-knacks and dust collectors, you won’t be needing anytime soon. Most of your décor will be boxed up when you move anyways, so start early. Take them to a storage unit space, garage or a friend’s house. Out of sight, out of mind. Also, on a personal note remove any personal hygiene items in the bathroom. Buyers love to see clean and orderly spaces, not your soap, mouthwash or toothbrush. Keeping less is more to the value of the space.

#3 Fresh Paint and Touch-ups

Touch up paint make your house ready to sellWalking through a house with outdated paint and off colors can be a sign for disaster. Potential buyers will ask for them to be repainted or a lower selling price. The best listings owners, make sure the walls look great by doing some fresh painting and touch-up with neutral colors. Think a blank canvas, whites, and beiges, soft on the eyes. Make home buyers not think about having to paint and only how they will visualize decorating the walls. The property should feel clean and ready to move in.

#4 Staging Your Home Away from Home

The best houses for sale on the MLS system have staged rooms. This involves not only decluttering the property space but decorating and arranging the property in such a way every space is highlighted. You may have to hire an interior stager in your local market if you need any help but this will help your place sell fast. Rearranging the furniture will open up the amazing space and a professional will make it more desirable to a potential buyer. At open houses, people want to see a house where there is little work needed to make it a dream home. Tallahassee Realtors will be able to get you in contact with a local stager.

Tallahassee staging make your property ready

#5 Curb Appeal Is A Must To Make A Quick Sale

Now that we worked on the inside of the house, the outside needs your attention too. The first impression anyone sees is the outside of a Tallahassee property. The best real estate listings in Tallahassee look beautiful and well kept. If there is any wooden and stone structures give them a soft wash to get rid of mildew and rust spots. Hire a professional to make your intorior ready. Touch up on the patio and porch. Sweep, wipe and highlight the space so the real estate agent can make this a good selling point. Get new mulch and a fresh mow. Trim the trees so the outside does not look overgrown. Remember the outside of any property is the first impression someone will see in person and online. Make it count when putting up a Tallahassee home for sale!

Make Your property Ready ready to sell tallahassee fl

Finally, keep a look out for our second part of 10 Tips: Make Your Home Ready Selling In Tallahassee, FL. We will speak about getting professional photos, selling your property is like a business, always be prepared for a showing among other items. Furthermore, thank you for reading our blog if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out to the Eldridge Home Team via email or phone call at (850) 792-4464